July 26, 2015 at 6:00pm

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Dan and Melissa David International Recording Artists
Dan David is successful musician and international recording artist who as a 20 year old in 1998, was offered a deal from a major record label. He turned it down as he felt the need to search for his true calling. Instead, he began doing session work for secular pop singers, being featured in concerts held in Canada’s biggest venues.  He also embarked on a journey to search for the truth.  At age 22, against all odds, Dan’s eyes were opened to the knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus). An encounter with the Living God has transformed Dan’s life forever — from darkness to light, setting him free to pursue his calling of using his music and message to bring healing and hope into the lives of many thousands.

In 2010, Dan met his wife Melissa, a pianist and singer. Since 2011, through music and powerful testimony, Dan and Melissa have been inspiring thousands of people across North America and beyond, also appearing on national television (with broadcasts reaching millions of viewers).  Listeners can sense the presence of God at each concert, where the Holy Spirit moves mightily through their original compositions and spontaneous worship.  Dan and Melissa have received numerous testimonies of healing and encouragement from those all over the world who have been touched by their music CDs and live concerts. Their music is dynamic, powerful, worshipful and soothing.  They are dedicated to empower lives and to give glory to God.