He’s Still Coming

Are We On The Verge Of The Messianic Age?

A Prophecy Conference

Friday, February 6, 2:00-4:00pm
First-Friday Shabbat at 6:00pm in the Gym
Saturday, February 7, 9:00am-3:30pm

Join three of the world’s leading experts on biblical prophecy as we explore the end of this era of history and the coming of the Messiah.

Dr. Harold Willmington, an Associate Co-Founder of Liberty University Dean of the Willmington School of the Bible. He is also an author of over twenty books, including The King Is Coming. Dr. Willmington will lead us in a study of the Second Coming of Jesus to reign and rule from Jerusalem.

Dr. Randall Price, Liberty Distinguished Research Professor, and Executive Director for the Center of Judaic Studies for Liberty University. Dr. Price is considered the world-leading authority on the Temple, which is the focal point of worship for ancient Israel.

Dr. Mark Hitchcock, pastor, author and adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Hitchcock is author of over twenty books on biblical prophecy including “Blood Moons Rising”, and “Iran and Israel: Wars and Rumors of Wars”. He has appeared on hundreds of radio programs and in print, as well as The History Channel, MSNBC, Fox, The Glenn Beck Show, and CNN.

Join us as we look at what Jesus and the prophets of Israel have said regarding future events, such as:

  • Rebirth of Israel and its significance
  • The Rapture of the church
  • The Great Tribulation
  • Judgment of the nations
  • The return of the Messiah

Register Online Today! Ticket sale ends, Wednesday, February 4

$25 per person • $35 per couple
Free for students 17 and under
Box lunches available for $10.00 each