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We would love for you to join us this Sunday!
Contemporary Worship:
>> 9:15 AM
Blended Worship:
>> 11:00 AM

We offer two Sunday School sessions with classes for every age group which meets at 9:15 AM and 11:00 AM. Our evening Bible study is at 6:00 PM.

Bible Study
Small group meetings
>> 9:15 AM and 11:00 AM


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  • When Jesus lived grace and truth some loved Him while others hated Him. If all love us or all hates us, we're not living quite like Jesus.MB
  • A friend is right, "We only lust and covet after things we keep looking at." And remember, it's easier to quit looking earlier than later.MB
  • Dad said, "There's a difference between saying something and having something to say." Reflecting on scripture gives you something to say.MB
  • A friend said, "God calls us to obedience not success." We find being obedient to God far harder than striving for success without Him. MB