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We would love for you to join us this Sunday!
December 24th
>> Celebrate with us during our candlelight service at 6pm

December 28th
>> We only have one service starting at 11am


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what’s new

  • Friends, just a reminder we only have the one service tomorrow (Dec. 21) at 11am. Looking forward to worshipping with you and "Anthem." MB
  • Seeing the bookstore shelves lined with opinions (fiction & non), I'm reminded of John 6:68, "You alone oh Lord have the words of life." MB
  • Reading Proverbs today, I realized these truthful sound bites were God's tweets to us long before Twitter. I need His tweets each day. MB
  • The Christian life is not about fulfilling tasks but living surrendered to Jesus. We don't fit Him in our day. Our lives and day are His. MB