Media Ministry

“The effective congregation of the 21st century will be part of the church that makes use of multi-media. The new reformation will speak the language of our culture and employ the communications technology that shapes the culture.” — Michael Slaughter

The Media Ministry serves the church as a vital resource for worship by providing lights, sound, screens, and video for services and special events. The Media Ministry manages the church websites, messaging boards, as well as church-wide publications.

The Media Ministry is primarily a volunteer organization. The ministry is very blessed to have a dedicated group of individuals who faithfully donate their time and talent in the effort to “connect hearts and minds together in worship.” They are school teachers, business & IT professionals, and salespersons. Only a few have a media background, and yet they routinely provide an expert worship experience for our church members and for members of our television family.

Rev. Mark Jenkins

Media Pastor & Producer
“The Victory Hour”