Life change happens in relationships. God-honoring relationships with other believers are more valuable than gold! These relationships encourage you on the good days, support you in the bad days, and walk the journey with you as you grow together. Grove Church provides these much needed opportunities to cultivate these relationships within our Grove Family!

We offer a variety of groups, at different times. Check a few out! Then find one that is just for you.

Find a Group

Class NameLocationMeeting Time
Agnew - Single Moms Room 215

Sunday / 9:15am
CantrellRoom 205Sunday / 9:15am
CobbRoom 106Sunday / 9:15am
Danns - College and CareerRoom 219
Sunday / 9:15am
Ford – Women Growing in FaithRoom 217
Sunday / 9:15am
HowellsRoom 223Sunday / 9:15am
Koehler - Homebuilders Room 212Sunday / 9:15am
KunsitisRoom 172Sunday / 9:15am
MartinRoom 210Sunday / 9:15am
McGrawRoom 105Sunday / 9:15am
MeloyRoom 173Sunday / 9:15am
Men's MinistryRoom 166 (Wednesday) / Room 172 (Sunday)Wednesday / 6:30pm
Sunday / 5:30pm
Penner Room 220
Sunday / 9:15am
Pounders - SojurnersRoom 166Sunday / 9:15am
Skorackyj – Word of TruthRoom 171Sunday / 9:15am
The Garden At GroveRoom 105Seasonal Gatherings (Tuesday AM and PM)
Grove Youth (Sunday AM Bible Study)Room 208

Sunday / 9:15am
Grove Youth (Sunday PM Large Gathering)Room 205Sunday / 5:30pm
For more information on how to get involved in a group, email