Prayer Works When You Work at Prayer

Prayer Works Book

Prayer Works When You Work at Prayer: Following Jesus’ Example in Prayer 

By Mark Becton

We want prayer to be easy, but it’s actually hard work. In the Bible Jesus prayed early in the morning, alone, with others, all night, before making important decisions, even before His most painful experience–His crucifixion. Jesus’ closest followers asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray!” Per their request, Jesus provided them and us with His model prayer…

  • To be in awe over God’s care, strength, and character
  • To know and be a part of God’s will and work
  • To make the most of day with God
  • To experience the freedom of forgiveness
  • To understand temptation and how to fight back…and more.

Jesus’ model prayer covers everything. That’s why Prayer Works also explains why and how to use Jesus’ model to write a prayer list. It’s an important tool When You Work at Prayer…like Jesus.

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