Plant 150

As Jesus' followers, He tasks us to go and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19). Overwhelmed by the expanding and deepening lostness around us, it is easy to make church our escape. It's our safe-place to gather with others who share our values. There, we huddle from the world forgetting we were sent to make disciples throughout it.

Regardless of the suffocating feel of lostness, Jesus' plan is still in place. Followers engage the lostness by making disciples and planting churches. It's easy for us to lose both focus and heart regarding this. That's why our prayerful aim is the plant 150 churches in the next 25 years, or more simply...PLANT 150”.

We say 150 because it is impossible for us. It requires us to follow Jesus dependently. We say 25 years, so it becomes the focus of a body of believers from one generation to the next. But don't be misled by the numbers. The real intent is to return to the only plan Jesus gave us for engaging lostness...making disciples and planting churches.

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