Window of Christ Book

The Window of Christ… the beautiful stained glass window that adorns the sanctuary of Grove Avenue Baptist Church. This window is over 60 feet wide and 20 feet tall and is made up of thousands of 2 inch thick hand cut pieces of glass. Commissioned in 1977 by Dr. Vander Warner, Jr., the window is the largest of its kind in North America. It has been enjoyed by the congregation of Grove and it has been seen by millions of people around the world as the backdrop to the worship services broadcasted on television and the internet.

Within the window are 18 symbols that represent the life and ministry of Jesus the Christ. For years they have been a curiosity to those that have looked upon the window. What are these symbols and what is their meaning?

Words of Victory Ministries has created a beautiful, hardbound, full color book that will explain the significance of each symbol. Now you can journey through the life of Christ in The Window of Christ. The book includes a depiction of each symbol and its real life counterpart. This book also features photography gathered by Words of Victory Ministries in the land of Israel. This beautiful keepsake is available to our television family for a donation of $35 or more to Words of Victory Ministries

For a limited time, The Window of Christ book will include a companion DVD titled The Window of Christ Decoded. This is a special video presentation on the window that presents each symbol and its significance in the life of Jesus. Get your copy today and begin your personal journey though The Window of Christ.

Window of Christ Book & DVD for $35

Window of Christ Book for $25