How the TV Ministry is funded?
The Media Outreach is a partnership between members of Grove and the greater Christian community of Richmond, Virginia. This partnership also includes new TV viewers from cities across the country. Basically the church provides funding to maintain church presentation systems, helps with principal Media Staff, and provides a part of the airtime cost for the local TV program. The viewers then pay for the majority of the local airtime costs, all of the money needed for the national airtime costs, as well as money for additional part-time ministry and production personnel to support the overall multi-media outreach.

What is the Pastor’s role in the TV Ministry?
The Pastor of Grove Church serves as the principal spokesman for the Media Outreach. Just as for the church, he presents lessons in the Word of God and leads in ministry and evangelism. Much of the Media Ministry materials are derived from the Pastor’s sermons and writings. These works are contributed to the Media Ministry effort. The Pastor does not receive any compensation for these materials.

How do I get video or audio copies of the services?
Audio CDs and videos are available at the Words of Victory Resource Center located in the Church Library. The Center is open Sunday mornings after each service. You can also place an order for programs from the Media Ministry by calling during church office hours at 804.740.8888. (Ask for the Media Secretary.)

How can you help the Media Ministry?

Remember the Media Ministry in your prayers, encourage your friends and relatives to watch or listen to the various programs, and consider volunteering to answer phones, help in the Resource Center, or with the media production itself.

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