Community Groups

What does it mean to DISCOVER life in community? 

Over the years, the way people use that word “community” has changed.  Instead of a place or a description of people in a particular area that live near one another, the word morphed from a noun to a verb.  Community is not just a place you can go, community is now also something you do!

The question becomes, what does it look like to actually DO community?  What does it mean to discover life there?  The way we define community at Grove is by the picture found in God’s word.  We want people to know what it means to DISCOVER life in Gospel community.  There is no clearer picture of this kind of community than in Acts 2:42-47.  Here you see the early church come together around what they held in common, the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The early church came together to SHARE life with one another.  The passage opens up with the understanding that they had fellowship with one another, broke bread together and prayed with one another.  They shared their personal needs and sold their belongs to meet those needs.  With the sharing of needs came an honesty that required them to be transparent with their lives and a willingness to be open about their needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Not only did the church SHARE life together but they also came together to SEEK God’s word with one another.  The first verse paints the picture as they devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teaching, and again, to prayer.  Out of that came a difference in how the people of the early church lived.  Signs and wonders were done by the apostles, wonder came over everyone, people gave what they had to those in need.  The word of God informed the way they lived in every area of life.

Out of the overflow of opportunity to SHARE life with one another and to SEEK God’s word together, the early church began to SERVE together.  Not only did they SERVE one another, as we have already mentioned, but they also began to SERVE outside of the body.  They found favor with all people!  (Acts 2:47)  Their actions, both inside the body and outside of the body, demonstrated and declared the love of Jesus to the world around them.

Which brings us to the truth that the early church began to MULTIPLY, as it says “And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved” (Acts 2:48, ESV).  God’s plan was to use a community that would SHARE life together, SEEK God’s word, SERVE those in need, and intentionally making disciples as they would MULTIPLY.  The question becomes, does this describe your own relationships within your church body?  Does the idea of SHARE, SEEK, SERVE, and MULTIPLY describe your closest relationships at Grove?  If not, won’t you come… DISCOVER life in community.